Sweet Lemon Pickle | How to make Sweet Lemon Pickle

sweet lemon pickle

A sweet lemon pickle is a fine side dish for items like chapati and upma. The taste of rice cuisines like curd rice, and rice-sambar and rice-rasam, soars higher with this side dish! Sweet lemon pickle can be made with either lime or lemon. All these reasons should increase your interest to know how to make sweet lemon pickle.

Why is this pickle sweet, unlike its regular counterpart? The jaggery or sugar, which is an ingredient of this recipe, gives the pickle a sweet taste. It is liked, in particular, by those who do not like the spicy type.

A key thing to note about how to make sweet lemon pickle is when to make it. You can make it anytime of the year. As the cost of the lime or lemon, however, will be less during its season, you may want to prepare the pickle during this time.

It is easy to prepare the sweet lemon pickle.

A unique point about how to make sweet lemon pickle is you have to plan at least two to three weeks before you want to relish it. Why this long time frame? It is because you have to let the lemon pieces absorb the salt.

Do not use preservatives to store the sweet lemon pickle for more time. Why? It's because the salt, jaggery and turmeric, and the inherent preservative properties of lemon, enable the pickle to remain in good condition for many months.

Want to make the pickle tastier? Add a seasoning of mustard and hing. Do not season the pickles, if you do not like the oil or do not want to use it for health reasons.

Use sterilized glass bottles or sterilized ceramic jaadis to store the sweet lemon pickle.

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1. Lemons 5-6
2. Salt crystals 1/4 cup or to taste
3. Chili powder 1 teaspoon or to taste
4. Mustard 3/4 teaspoon
5. Methi seeds 1/4 teaspoon
6. Cumin 1 teaspoon
7. Turmeric 1/4 teaspoon
8. Jaggery powder 1/2 cup or to taste; See TIP #3

How to make Sweet Lemon Pickle?

1. Wash lemons in salt water.

Dry the lemons thoroughly with a cloth.

sweet lemon pickle s1
2. Cut the lemons into small pieces. If possible remove the seeds.

sweet lemon pickle s2
3. Keep an air-tight bottle ready to add the lemon pieces to it:

- Wash the bottle in hot water - Dry the bottle
- Keep it in the sunlight for about 3 hours or till the bottle becomes hot.

Add a layer of lemon pieces to a bottle.

sweet lemon pickle s3

Sprinkle 1 teaspoon of salt.

sweet lemon pickle s3b

Add the second layer of lemon pieces to the bottle.

Sprinkle 1 teaspoon of salt.

sweet lemon pickle s3c

Repeat the above processes till all the lemon pieces are in the bottle.
4. Cover and keep the bottle aside for 15-20 days.

sweet lemon pickle s4

Mix the pieces every 2-3 days.

After a few days the salt dissolves completely.

The color of the lemons will change. The lemon juice will settle at the bottom.

sweet lemon pickle s4b
5. Fry cumin, methi and mustard, each separately, till these splutter.

sweet lemon pickle s5
Fried items

Grind the above three items to a powder.

sweet lemon pickle s5b
6. Transfer the lemon pieces to a bowl.

sweet lemon pickle s6b

Add jaggery and chili powder and turmeric, cumin, methi and mustard powder.

sweet lemon pickle s6e

sweet lemon pickle s6c


sweet lemon pickle s6d
7. Transfer the lemon pieces mixture to the same or another clean, dry bottle.

sweet lemon pickle s7

Cover the bottle tightly with its lid.

sweet lemon pickle s7b

Set aside the bottle for 15-20 days.

Sweet lemon pickle is ready.

sweet lemon pickle final

TIPS Sweet Lemon Pickle
1. Sweet lemon pickle can be stored up to a year at room temperature.
2. Jaggery should be dry. If jaggery is not dry or if it smells sour, the pickles will be spoiled.

Use sugar, if you do not have jaggery.
3. How to make jaggery powder?

- Dry the jaggery pieces in sunlight.
- Grind the pieces to a powder.
4. Use powdered salt, if you do not have salt crystals.
5. To make the pickles absorb the spices quickly, so the pickles will be ready-to-eat sooner:

- Cover the bottle mouth with a cotton cloth and tie it firmly. Do not cover the bottle again with its lid.
- Keep the bottle in the sunlight for 5-6 days.
- In the 5-6 days period, remove the cloth and mix the pickles everyday.
6. Always ensure your hands are clean and dry, and so is the spoon that you use, to mix or serve the pickles. Otherwise, the pickles may be spoiled.