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recipe of mango pickle

Do you want to know the recipe of mango pickle without oil? If yes, you've come to the right place! Mango pickle is a side dish, which is popular and traditional. It has roots that track backs to several decades. A reason for all these is it is tasty.

This recipe of mango pickle deserves a spotlight on it, because it tells you how to make mango pickle without oil. The recipe for mango pickle needs only a few, common ingredients and it has few, easy steps.

A common reason to find out the recipe of mango pickle without oil is because oil is not healthy. One of the other reasons is if you add oil to the pickles and store it, say for about a year, the pickles may get an old oil smell. So, you may want to make mango pickle without oil.

If you want to make tastier mango pickles, try to use only home-made powders. These include red chili powder, roasted methi powder and hing powder.

For curd rice, one of the best side dishes is mango pickles. Take the taste of rice-sambar and rice-rasam combinations to newer heights with mango pickles as a side dish.

To prevent the spoiling of pickle, always use an air-tight sterilized glass bottle or ceramic jar to store the mango pickle.

A simple, yet delicious side dish for items like ragi rotti or jowar roti is mango pickles.

Do you want to make a snack that is lip-smacking? Toast a slice of bread, place a small quantity of the gravy of the mango pickle and spread it thinly across the entire surface of the slice. Cut it diagonally and relish the pieces.

The combination of pickle gravy and hot rice will be super-tasty! Add a small quantity of gravy of the mango pickles and a teaspoon of home-made ghee to hot rice. Mix and eat. The result? An unforgettable gastronomical experience.

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Quantity: About 4 cups of mango pickle


1. Raw mango / aam / maamidikaaya / maangai / maavina kayi 5-6, for 5 cups of mango pieces
2. Red chili powder 1/2 cup
3. Roasted methi powder 1/8 cup
4. Mustard powder 1/8 cup
5. Turmeric powder 1 teaspoon
6. Hing powder 1 teaspoon
7. Powdered salt 1 cup

How to make Mango Pickle?

1. Add a handful of salt to a utensil with water.

Mix to dissolve the salt.

The water level must be adequate to immerse the mangoes completely.
2. Add mangoes.

Soak for about 5 minutes
3. Rub the mangoes to remove the dirt.

Wash the mangoes.
4. Dry the mangoes with a clean cotton cloth.
5. Remove the top.

Dice the mangoes.
6. Add all other ingredients.

7. Transfer to a clean, sterilized bottle.

Close the lid.

Set aside for about 3 days.
8. Mango pickle without oil is ready.

recipe of mango pickle final

TIPS Mango Pickle
1. Always transfer a small quantity of mango pickles to another bottle, if you wish to use them frequently. This way, you reduce the chances of the pickles, in the main bottle, getting spoilt.

To make the pickles tastier, prepare a seasoning of oil, mustard and curry leaves. After the seasoning cools, add it to the small quantity of pickles. Mix.
2. Fry the methi till it splutters and turns golden brown. Allow the methi to cool and only then make the powder.
3. Use mustard seeds that are fully dry to ensure the pickles do not get spoilt.
4. Use hing crystals to make hing powder and do not add any flour while making the powder.
5. Store at room temperature to make the mango pickles last for about one year.