Mango Thokku | Mangai Thokku | Mango Thokku Recipe | Mavinakayi Thokku

mango thokku or mangai thokku

Mango thokku, mangai thokku or mavinakayi thokku is a super-tasty food. If you want a dish that is sour, sweet and khara, then look no farther than mango thokku. It tastes so good that many look forward to the mango season to make manga thokku.

Do you want to try a not-so-common side dish? A fine choice would be mango thokku.  Treat your taste buds using this thokku for a range of items. These include idli, rice roti, chawal ki roti and chapati.

Hot rice, home-made ghee and mango thokku make a superb-combination. It just will be yummy!

Say you have wheat bread and mango thokku in your kitchen and you or a member of your family is hungry. What can you do with these items? A superb snack! Toast the bread slice(s). Coat them with a thin layer of manga thokku, and you are ready for a gastronomical treat.

Raw mango, mangai, manga or mavinakayi is the key ingredient of the mango thokku recipe and the king of the fine taste of this food.

Other items that add to the taste value of this food include garlic, jaggery, methi, turmeric, and curry leaves. Hing also commands a place in the line of ingredients that make this food lip-smacking.

Although you can skip garlic, you should use it for the health benefits it offers, to make the thokku.

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Grate the mango with its skin to benefit from the nutrients it contains.

Cool the mango thokku fully and store it in a glass bottle. Avoid plastic bottle or container, as such utensils are said to be not good for the health. How about a steel box? Do not store the mango thokku in it, because the thokku will make the steel rust.

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Quantity: 1/2 cup of mango thokku


1. Raw mango / mavinakayi 1, medium size
2. Oil 2 to 2-and-1/2 tablespoon
3. Curry leaves 1 sprig
4. Garlic few cloves
5. Mustard 1/2 + 1/4 teaspoon
6. Methi 1/2 teaspoon
7. Jaggery pieces 2 teaspoons or to taste
8. Turmeric 1/8 teaspoon
9. Chili powder 2 teaspoons or to taste
10. Hing few pinches
11. Salt to taste

How to make Mango Thokku?

Mango Thokku Video

Use firm and green mango, so the thokku remains in good condition for more time.

Wash and dry the mango.

Grate the mango.
2. Add salt.


Keep aside.
3. Keep the flame to low.

Fry methi till it turns to golden brown and splutters.

Transfer to a plate.
4. Fry 1/2 teaspoon of mustard till it splutters.

Transfer to the plate.
5. Grind methi and mustard to a powder.
6. Add mango gratings.

Add jaggery.

Grind to a coarse mixture.
7. Heat oil in a thick-bottom utensil till the oil becomes hot.
8. Add mustard.

Add garlic when the mustard splutters.

Fry till the garlic turns to light golden brown.

Add curry leaves.


Add hing.

9. Add ground mango mixture, turmeric and chili powder.

Cook till the oil separates, while mixing intermittently.
10. Mango thokku, mangai thokku, manga thokku or mavinakayi thokku is ready.

mango thokku final

TIPS Mango Thokku
1. You can make this thokku from totapuri mango also. However, you cannot store the thokku for more time.
2. Use green chilies in place of chili powder in Step 6.