Miscellaneous Recipes

You will find recipes, on this page, for items that range from ghee to amla juice, dessicated coconut to idli podi. Here is a brief overview of some of the miscellaneous recipes:

Ghee: It is used as an ingredient to prepare some dishes, typically sweet cuisines like kesari bath, or as a topping for items like dosa, idli and upma. Fresh ghee is tastier.

With the info on how to make ghee at home, you can make this food whenever you want to. If you prepare ghee at home you can also save money.

gooseberry juiceAmla / Indian Gooseberry
Gooseberry Juice: It is made from Indian gooseberries. These are a storehouse of medicinal properties.

This juice is tasty too. In the gooseberry juice recipe, ingredients like the cardamom powder give it a fine flavor.

You can store the juice concentrate for some days, so you can relish the gooseberry juice over time.

Rice Flour: If you know how to make rice flour at home, you can prepare fresh flour, free from impurities, in quantities you desire. The dishes you make from such flour would also be tastier.

Many of the south Indian vegetarian recipes need rice flour as a main or secondary ingredient. For instance, in the chawal ki roti (rice roti) recipe, this flour is the main item. To make, for example, Maddur vada, you need to use rice flour, as a secondary item.

Curd: It is also known as, among others, dahi or yogurt, and is a treasure chest full of medicinal values.

Curd rice is a lip-smacking south Indian vegetarian dish, which has curd as a main ingredient.

Dahi vada, another avatar of medu vada, is rinsed in dahi or curd, and kara boondi is used as a topping. The combination of medu vada, dahi and boondi is a gastronomical delight.

Mix rice and fresh curd and use, say instant mango pickle as a side dish and savor. The words cannot explain the satisfaction to the taste buds this combination gives.

It is common to use curd as a side dish for cuisines like rava upma and puliyogare.

Jolada Rotti: It is a dish native to the northern part of Karnataka. If you have been making only wheat-based food, such as chapati, you may want to try jolada rotti. It is made from jowar flour, also known by such names as jollada hittu or sorghum flour.

For lunch or dinner, jolada rotti is a great starter item.

Badanekayi ennegayi, a mouth-watering side dish made from brinjal, is a superb fit for jolada rotti

Brinjal chutney or curry leaves chutney are among the other side dishes with a good fit for this food. A variety of chutney powders also serve as fine side dishes for this rotti.