Lemon Juice Recipe | How to Prepare Lemon Juice | Nimbe Hannina Panaka

lemon juice or nimbe hannina paanaka

Lemon juice can be a treat to the taste buds on a hot day. What's more, this drink can be good for the health too. Lemon juice, known as nimbe hannina paanaka in Kannada, has its base on tradition. On the festival day of Ram Navami the two of the common items that are made are lemon juice or paanaka and kosambari. Relish these two items and this experience will remain green in your mind for a long time.

Accolades to the lemon juice recipe, as it has very few, common ingredients. The preparation steps too are few and as easy as cutting a cake. All these traits make the way to find out how to prepare lemon juice.

The liquid extract from the lemon is the key element of the lip-smacking taste of the lemon juice or nimbe hannina paanaka

If you have the lemon in the fridge, take the lemon out and bring it to room temperature. This step will assist you to get more juice.

Jaggery adds a distinct, excellent taste to this beverage. Further, this sweetener would be beneficial for the health. For this reason, in this lemon juice recipe more jaggery and less sugar is used.

Ginger, like cardamom, gives an unforgettable flavor to the juice. This herb is also a great gift of nature, as it is a storehouse of medicinal pearls.

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Use lemon that's well ripe to make this drink. Such a lemon will be yellow all-round and be firm. If this fruit has even small patches of green, the juice will be very sour.

Now that you know the benefits of the lemon juice recipe, recharge yourself on a hot day with a glass of fresh lemon juice.

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Quantity: About 1 cup


1. Lemon 1/2
2. Cardamom 1
3. Dry ginger, chana-size piece
4. Sugar few pinches
5. Jaggery pieces 2-3 tablespoons or to taste
6. Water 1 cup

How to Prepare Lemon Juice?

lemon juice recipe video

Lemon Juice or Nimbe Hannina Paanaka Video

1. Add jaggery to the water.


Keep aside.
2. Make dry ginger, sugar and cardamom powder.
Press the lemon slightly and rotate it while keeping it pressed to make the lemon soft.

Cut the lemon, diagonally, into half.
4. Stir the jaggery to dissolve it.

Strain the jaggery water slowly to remove any impurities.
5. Squeeze one-half of the lemon into the jaggery water.
6. Strain the mixture to remove any seeds and pulp.
7. Add cardamom-ginger powder.


Lemon juice or nimbe hannina panaka is ready.

lemon juice final

TIPS How to Prepare Lemon Juice
1. If you want the lemon juice taste to be different, add a few pinches of chat masala.