Idli Batter in Mixie

idli batter in mixie

Make idli batter in mixie to prepare idlis. These serve as a healthy breakfast. Because the idlis are steam-cooked, much of the nutrients are preserved. With just a few steps, you can make the idli batter in mixie.

Rice and urad-whole are the main ingredients for grinding idli batter in mixie. The other items include aval or poha, puffed rice and sabudana.

What type of rice should you use to prepare idli batter in mixie? Regular rice, idli rice, raw rice or parboiled rice are the generally used to make the batter. You can prepare the batter using more than one type of rice. In fact, some make the batter using all the rice types listed above.

Plan a day ahead to make idlis, because you have to:

1. Soak the ingredients for 6-8 hours.

2. Allow at least 8-10 hours for the idli batter to ferment.

Try to cook the idlis as soon as the batter is fermented. Otherwise, if you use it, say after a few hours, or if the weather is humid, the idlis may taste sour.

Do not add salt to the entire batter. Add salt only to the batter you will use.

If you add salt to the entire batter, and store the portion of it in the refrigerator for later use, the batter may become sour.

Store any left over batter, in the refrigerator, immediately.

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Grinding Idli Batter in Mixie

1. Wash urad-whole twice.

idli batter in mixie s1

Soak the urad-whole in water. Its level should be well above the surface of the urad.

idli batter in mixie s1b

Keep aside for 6-8 hours. In this period, if the water is absorbed, add water again and ensure its level is above the urad.

idli batter in mixie s1c

For thatte idli, add sabudana also with urad whole.
2. Wash idli rice, regular rice or parboiled rice and thick aval together, twice.

idli batter in mixie s2a

Soak for 6-8 hours. If the water is absorbed, add water again and make sure its level is above the items.

idli batter in mixie s2b

idli batter in mixie s2c
3. Grind the urad dal till it becomes a coarse paste.

idli batter in mixie s3

idli batter in mixie s3b

Stop the mixer.
4. Add water to the paste and grind till you get a fine paste.

idli batter in mixie s4
5. Stop the mixer and wait till the paste cools down completely.

Add water to the paste and grind till the paste becomes fluffy.

idli batter in mixie s5a

Transfer the paste to a utensil.

idli batter in mixie s5b
6. Add rice and thick aval to the mixer jar.

idli batter in mixie s6aa

Grind the mixture to a fine-rava-like paste.

idli batter in mixie s6b
7. Transfer the paste to the utensil containing the urad and sabudana paste.

idli batter in mixie s7

Mix thoroughly.

idli batter in mixie s7b
8. For fermentation, cover the utensil with a plate and set aside in a warm place for 7-8 hours or overnight.

idli batter in mixie s8a

After fermentation, the batter rises by a few inches.

idli batter in mixie s8b
9. Add soda and quarter teaspoon of curd to a ladle and mix the two items with a spoon.

idli batter in mixie s9a

Add the soda-curd mixture to the batter.

Add salt to the batter and mix thoroughly.

idli batter in mixie s9b
10. Idli batter is ready.

idli batter in mixie final

TIPS Idli Batter in Mixie
1. Use the same water you used for soaking the items, for grinding also, because the soaked water contains vitamins.
2. Do not grind the items continuously, because the paste will become hot and the idlis might become hard.
3. While grinding, touch the jar. If it is hot, switch off and allow it to cool completely.

Grind again.

Repeat this process for successive grinding cycles.
4. If the quantity of rice and urad-whole is less, you can grind the two items together.