How to Prepare Coconut Milk | Home made Coconut Milk

how to prepare coconut milk

A benefit of finding out how to prepare coconut milk is that you get to use fresh, home-made coconut milk to make dishes. Further, you save money. That's not all, it is quite easy to make this milk. All these reasons should spark your interest to learn how to prepare coconut milk.

What are the dishes for which you can use coconut milk? Rice dishes like coconut milk rice and pulao, sweets like payasam; curries, sambars are among the range of cuisines coconut milk will be a key item.

Many recipes of dishes native to Mangalore and Kerala use coconut milk as a main ingredient.

Did you Know?
Sweetened, thick coconut milk is used as a side dish for the mouth-watering sweet item holige or obbattu.

Relish holige with home made coconut milk and ghee. These are sure to make the sweet dish yummylicious!

Coconut consumption in moderation might be good for the health too. This should be another reason to find out how to prepare coconut milk at home.

Food Fact
Coconut milk has, among others, lauric acid and capric acid. These two acids are said to have disease-fighting properties.1

The two of the ways to prepare coconut milk are:

1. Use a Coconut Grater

Grate the fresh coconut with the coconut grater and squeeze the grates to get thick coconut milk. The drawback of this method are if you do not have the grater, you will have to buy or borrow it. The quantity of milk you get will be less.

2. Use a Mixer

Cut the fresh coconut into small pieces. Coarse grind these with necessary amount of water. Strain the pulp to get the milk. The benefits of this method are it is easy and the quantity of coconut milk will be more.

This recipe uses a mixer to prepare the milk.

Food Fact
Coconut milk is lactose-free. For those with lactose intolerance, this milk may be used as a substitute for dairy milk.2

Store coconut milk in the fridge for up to 3 days.

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1. Coconut pieces 1 cup
2. Water, 3/4-1 cup for thick milk

Water for second and subsequent grinding, for thin milk, depends on how thin you want the milk to be

How to make Fresh Coconut Milk?

1. Break a fresh coconut.

how to prepare coconut milk s1
2. Remove the coconut kernel from its shell.

how to prepare coconut milk s2
3. Cut the coconut into small pieces.

how to prepare coconut milk s3
4. Add the pieces to a mixer jar.

how to prepare coconut milk s4a

Grind the coconut without adding water into a coarse mixture.

how to prepare coconut milk s4b
Add warm or hot water, if the room temperature is cold. In a cold condition, the fat content of the coconut sticks to the jar and the quality of the coconut milk will not be good.

Add about 3/4 cup of water.

how to prepare coconut milk s5

Grind for 1-2 minutes.

how to prepare coconut milk s5b
6. Strain the mixture using a small-eyed strainer or muslin cloth.

how to prepare coconut milk s6a

how to prepare coconut milk s6

Squeeze or press the pulp to extract the milk.

how to prepare coconut milk s6b

This milk is thick coconut milk.

how to prepare coconut milk s6c
7. Add the pulp in the strainer to the jar.

Repeat Steps 5 and 6.

This milk is thin coconut milk.
8. Repeat Steps 5 and 6, if you wish, to further extract the milk. Do note, however, the milk you get in this Step will be very watery.
9. Coconut milk is ready.

how to prepare coconut milk final

TIPS How to Prepare Coconut Milk
1. Use the coconut pulp, in Step 6, after you get thick milk, to thicken the curries or sambar or to make masala roti dough or thalipeeth.
2. For recipes that have thick coconut milk and water as ingredients, you can use thin coconut milk instead of water.
3. Cook a dish, after adding thick coconut milk, on low flame, because on high flame the milk will curdle.
4. Coconut milk would be good for those who do not want to drink regular milk or who are lactose-intolerant.