How to make Butter Milk?

how to make butter milk

Learn how to make butter milk and prepare this outstanding liquid food to consume it as is or for mixing it with rice and eating the same. In fact, the rice-buttermilk combination, and an instant lemon pickle, as a side dish, is super-delicious!

Butter milk also has strong ties to tradition. It is among the prasadams given to the devotees on the auspicious day of Sri Ramanavami.

Butter milk is a wonder drink that can cure stomach upset or diarrhea. So, the medicinal values of buttermilk is just one more reason to find out how to make butter milk.

As an ingredient of items like biscuits and cookies too, this super food plays a key role.

A variety of butter milk is the masala buttermilk. The tips section has info on how to make masala buttermilk.

Food Fact
Calcium is among the minerals present in large quantities in buttermilk. Of the vitamins, vitamin C is abundant in this liquid food.1

How to prepare buttermilk? There are a very few steps, and these are easy, to make this superb liquid item:

First, you need to use curd or yogurt. Here is the info on how to make curd at home. Second, you have to mix curd with water.

There are three ways to produce buttermilk by mixing curd and water:

1. Use a blender: Add curd and water to a blender jar and blend till all the curd becomes liquid.

2. Follow the manual way: Add curd and water to a cup.

Pour this mixture to another cup. Pour the mixture back again to the first cup. Repeat this process till the content becomes completely liquid.

3. Use a churner or manthu: This is also a manual way, yet somewhat outdated method of making butter milk. Thanks to the modern lifestyles and electric gadgets, churners, today, have taken a back seat.

Do, note, however, in the past, the traditional and almost an exclusive way of making butter milk was to use a churner.

Here is an important point on how to make butter milk: Remove the skin or creamy layer on the curd, before you prepare the buttermilk to ensure it has no or less fat.

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Servings: 1 cup


1. Curd 1/2 cup
2. Water 1/2 cup or according to the thickness of the buttermilk you desire
3. Salt to taste

How to Prepare Buttermilk?

Making Butter Milk without using any Gadget

1. Add curd or yogurt to a tall and large cup.

how to make butter milk s1

- About 1/2 of the cup, after you add the curd, should be empty

- Use a utensil in lieu of a cup
2. Add about 1/4-cup of water.

Stir with a spoon.

how to make butter milk s2
3. Pour the curd-water mixture to another glass, of the same size, from a height that you are comfortable with.

how to make butter milk s3
4. Repeat the above step for a few times till the curd becomes liquid.
5. Add salt and 1/4-cup of water.

Stir thoroughly.

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Making Butter Milk using a Churner or Manthu

1. Transfer the curd to a big utensil.

how to make butter milk s5

how to make butter milk s5b
2. Add little water to enable churning.

how to make butter milk s6
3. Place the wooden churner or manthu in the utensil.

how to make butter milk s7
4. To churn:

Hold the wooden handle between your palms.

Move the left palm forward and the right palm backward, or vice versa, simultaneously.

Repeat the above process till the curd becomes liquid.

how to make butter milk s8
5. Lift the churner and hold it over the utensil and pour water gently and slowly over the churner, so any curd on it goes to the utensil.

how to make butter milk s9

Add extra water, if required, to the utensil.

Add salt.


how to make butter milk s10
6. Butter milk is ready.

how to make butter milk final

TIPS How to make Butter Milk
1. Consume or serve the butter milk soon after you add salt. Otherwise, buttermilk kept at room temperature might become sour.
2. Here is how to make masala buttermilk:

The masala buttermilk recipe needs the following items:

- fresh curry leaves
- fresh coriander
- onion
- ginger
- garlic cloves, one or two
- green chili to taste
- salt to taste

1. Chop and slightly crush the above items
2. Add to butter milk

Masala buttermilk is ready.


Here is a how to make masala buttermilk with seasoning:

For seasoning, the masala buttermilk recipe needs oil, mustard, hing or asafoetida, curry leaves and a red chili.

- Prepare the seasoning.

- Mix the seasoning with buttermilk.
3. You may want to drink a glass of butter milk, particularly after you have eaten a heavy meal, as this liquid food is said to aid digestion.