Hibiscus Juice Recipe

hibiscus juice

If you are thinking of a healthy drink to make, hibiscus juice might be a good choice. It is a drink, which is said to have medicinal properties. Thanks to the hibiscus flower, also known by such names as shoe flower, which is believed to be rich in, among others, vitamin C and antioxidants. The attractive color of this drink might be another, but secondary, reason to make hibiscus juice.

Some research studies have shown that hibiscus may have the potential to reduce the blood pressure.

Food Fact
A research study has found that hibiscus flower extract reduced the systolic and diastolic blood pressure.1

Hibiscus is also said to be rich in antioxidants.

Food Fact
Hibiscus flower extract is said to increase the antioxidant potential. 2

What are antioxidants? These are substances, found in flowers like hibiscus and in some vegetables and fruits and are said to reduce the risk of some diseases like cancer.

It takes only about five minutes to make this drink. This trait should kindle your interest more to know how to make hibiscus juice.

Does the hibiscus juice recipe need many ingredients? Not at all, it needs only four items. One of the items is, of course, the petals of the red hibiscus flower. The other ingredients are water, sugar and lemon.

Another thing you would like about the hibiscus juice recipe is that with just a few, simple steps you can make this drink. These reasons should further make you to find out how to make hibiscus juice.

Add cardamom powder to add a fine flavor to this drink.

The lemon juice, as a key hibiscus juice recipe ingredient, gives a superb taste to this drink.

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Servings: 1 glass


1. Red hibiscus flowers / dasavala / mandaram / sembaruthi /cemparatti / gudhal 5-6
2. Water 1 glass
3. Lemon juice to taste
4. Sugar to taste

How to make Hibiscus Juice?

1. Wash the hibiscus flowers to remove any dirt.

hibiscus juice s1
2. Pick only the petals. Discard the other parts.

hibiscus juice s2

Add the petals to a utensil.

hibiscus juice s2b
3. Bring the water to a boil.

hibiscus juice s3
4. Pour the water over the petals.

hibiscus juice s4

hibiscus juice s4b
The color of the petals starts to change as soon as you pour water

Cover and keep aside for 3-4 minutes.

hibiscus juice s4c

hibiscus juice s4d
The color of the water changes and will be similar to beetroot-red

Remove the petals with the help of a spoon or strain them.

hibiscus juice s5
5. Add lemon juice.

hibiscus juice s5b


hibiscus juice s5c
The color of the mixture will be as shown above
6. Add sugar.

hibiscus juice s6

Mix till the sugar dissolves.

hibiscus juice s6b
7. Hibiscus juice is ready.

hibiscus juice final

TIPS Hibiscus Juice
1. If you want the hibiscus juice to be spicy, add salt and black pepper powder instead of sugar.