Gooseberry Jam

how to make gooseberry jam

Gooseberry jam, or amla jam, is an excellent side dish for chapati, bread, poori, roti, dosa and other foods. Further, this side dish ranks high in its taste and in the range of health benefits it offers for adults and children. In fact, some of the later like to eat gooseberry jam, a yummy cuisine, as is!

Food Fact
Amla is rich in Vitamin C. This fruit, which in Sanskrit is known as Amalaki, is said to stimulate hair growth and cure mouth ulcers and cough.

Gooseberry has outstanding medicinal properties, which, among others, increases the immunity against diseases.

This food is also said to slowdown aging and give a number of other health benefits. These reasons would tempt you to know how to make gooseberry jam.

The two of the key traits of the gooseberry jam recipe I have given below are that it does not use any preservatives and it takes less time to cook.

Find out how to make gooseberry jam from the recipe that follows and reap the health benefits from this wonderful fruit, a gift of Mother Nature.

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Servings: Two to Three


1. Gooseberry or amla about 10 (gooseberry pieces 1 cup)
2. Sugar 3/4 to 1 cup
3. Salt 2 pinches

Gooseberry Jam Recipe

1. Wash and dry gooseberries / amla.

gooseberry jam s1
2. Cut into pieces.

Remove the seeds.

gooseberry jam s2
3. Dry grind the gooseberry pieces.

Add sugar and grind again into a fine paste.

gooseberry jam s3

Make sure you add only the right amount of sugar that will enable you to grind.
4. Heat paste in a thick-bottom utensil. Do not use an iron kadai, because the jam will turn black.

gooseberry jam s4

If you have sugar left from the measurement, add to the paste.
5. Add salt.

Mix frequently.
6. When the mixture gets a jam-like consistency, switch off the stove.

Gooseberry jam / amla jam is ready.

gooseberry jam s7

how to make gooseberry jam

TIPS Gooseberry Jam Recipe
1. Some gooseberries are slightly bitter. To avoid the bitter taste, cook the gooseberries in water. After these become soft, drain the water.

Press each berry and remove the seed. Follow the remaining procedure from Step 3.
2. You can keep this gooseberry jam at room temperature.
3. As the jam ages, its color successively becomes dark.
4. If you plan to keep the jam for a year or more, make the jam thicker. Transfer the jam into an air tight container, after the jam cools down.