Cantaloupe Juice Recipe | Musk Melon Juice Recipe | Kharbooja Panaka

cantaloupe juice, musk melon juice or kharbooja panaka

Cantaloupe juice, also known as musk melon juice or kharbooja panaka, is a treat to the parched throats, as it quenches the thirst and enlivens the mind. This juice is molded in tradition, because it is one of the typical items, like kosambari, made on the festival day of Ram Navami. You should add the cantaloupe juice recipe to your favorites list, for this beverage's superb taste and health values.

Your interest to know how to make the cantaloupe juice should increase for two more reasons: the cantaloupe juice recipe is feather light on the ingredients and the preparation steps are few and simple.

The cantaloupe, musk melon or kharbooja fruit takes the center stage in this juice recipe. Jaggery, cardamom powder and tamarind juice further heighten the taste of this juice or panaka.

Chill the cantaloupe juice before your drink or serve. Because this beverage in that state works wonder on the taste buds and will be a welcome drink on a hot day.

The tamarind juice in the cantaloupe juice recipe gives a fine, tangy twist to the taste of this drink.

Jaggery is the main sweetener of this recipe. This food is said to offer many health benefits.

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The slight sourness of the tamarind and the superb sweetness of the jaggery and the fine flavor of the cardamom powder makes it an absolute delight to relish the musk melon juice or kharbooja panaka.

Want to make a quick juice to treat friends or relatives? If it is the cantaloupe, musk melon or kharbooja season, which is the Summer months, then there would be no second choice for cantaloupe juice.

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Quantity: Three cups of cantaloupe juice


1. Cantaloupe, musk melon or kharbooja, 1/2 fruit
2. Tamarind, soaked, about 2" piece
3. Jaggery pieces, 4 tablespoons
4. Cardamom 3
5. Sugar few pinches
6. Water 1-and-1/2 cup

How to make Cantaloupe Juice?

Musk Melon Juice Video

1. Add about 1 tablespoon of water to the tamarind.

Squeeze the tamarind, in water, to get the juice.

Transfer the juice to another cup.
2. Make sugar and cardamom seeds powder.
3. Wash the musk melon.

Cut the melon into half.

Cut one-half into two pieces.
4. Remove the seed part.

Cut each piece into small pieces without cutting the skin.

Scoop the fruit.
5. Grind melon, cardamom powder, jaggery, tamarind juice, using 1 cup of water, into a smooth paste.

If you like the juice to have very small pieces of fruit, grind about 3/4 of the fruit into a fine paste. Then, add the remaining fruit and switch on and off the mixer 2-3 times.
6. Transfer to a utensil.
7. If required, adjust the consistency by adding the remaining water.
8. Cantaloupe juice, musk melon juice or kharbooja panaka is ready.

cantaloupe juice final

TIPS Cantaloupe Juice Recipe
1. Use lemon juice as a substitute for tamarind.
2. Add about 3/4 cup of milk and 1/4 cup of water instead of 1 cup of water, in Step 5, to make the juice more nutritious and richer.

IMPORTANT: Do not use tamarind juice, if you use milk.