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Amla Juice

how to make amla juice

Amla juice is a healthy drink to recharge yourself on any time of the day, particularly when you are tired.  How does this juice standout?  Amla / gooseberry is a storehouse of vitamin C and is said to offer a number of other health benefits. Learn how to make amla juice and make yourself a glass of this healthy drink.

Potassium and calcium are also present in large quanties in amla / gooseberry1.

Food Fact Amla may help control diabetes.2

This juice is usually prepared by adding sugar to it.  You can, however, add little jaggery (unrefined sugar) / brown sugar, salt and pepper to the drink to get a different taste.

Jaggery also is said to be a treasure trove of medicinal properties. Read jaggery benefits in the blog for more info.

IMPORTANT: Those who have diabetes should not add sugar or jaggery to the amla juice.

If you want the amla juice to have a flavor, add little cardamom powder.

Food Fact Amla may prevent age-related, high cholesterol levels.3

In the amla juice recipe that follows, no preservatives are used, making this juice even more healthier.

Here is the recipe for another type of amla juice. It will not contain amla pulp.

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Ref: 1US National Nutrient Database; 2Amla (Emblica officinalis Gaertn.) extracts reduce oxidative stress in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats, US National Library of Medicine, ncbi.nlm.nih.gov; 3Amla (Emblica officinalis Gaertn.) prevents dyslipidaemia and oxidative stress in the ageing process, British Journal of Nutrition, journals.cambridge.org

Amla / Gooseberry about 8-10 (1cup of amla pieces)
2. Sugar 1 cup


Salt to taste
3. Salt 1 pinch
4. Cardamom powder (optional) 1 pinch for a one glass of amla juice.

How to make Amla Juice?

Wash and dry the amla / gooseberries.
amla juice s1
Keep them in a bowl. amla juice s2
Add about one and half a cup of water to the pressure cooker.
amla juice s3
4. Place the bowl inside the pressure cooker. amla juice s4
5. Cover the pressure cooker with its lid.
6. Switch on the stove.
7. When the steam starts to come out, put the weight.
8. Wait for one whistle.  Then, switch off the stove.
9. When there is no pressure in the cooker, remove the bowl from it.

Keep aside to cool.
amla juice s9
10. Gently touch a gooseberry.  If you can handle the heat in it, press the gooseberry between your fingers.  It breaks into pieces.  Remove the seed.

Repeat this procedure for the other berries.
amla juice s10
11. Grind the sugar into a fine powder.
12. Grind gooseberry pieces into a fine paste.  If you cannot grind them, add little sugar powder or add little salt and grind. amla juice s12
13. Mix the gooseberry paste, sugar powder and a pinch of salt.


Mix the gooseberry paste and salt.

Gooseberry juice concentration is ready.
14. Transfer the gooseberry juice concentration to a freezer-safe box.

Store the box in the freezer.
amla juice s15
15. Whenever you need juice, add 2-3 spoons of juice concentration, or according to your taste, to a glass and add water.

Add cardamom powder for flavor. Stir well.

Amla juice / gooseberry juice is ready.

how to make amla juice

Amla Juice
Here is a key tip on how to make amla juice:

Some gooseberries are slightly bitter. To avoid the bitter taste, cook the gooseberries in water. After these become soft, drain the water. Follow the remaining procedure from Step 10.
You can keep this gooseberry juice in the freezer for a year or more.
3. Try a variety of this juice, decreasing the amount of sugar, increasing the amount of salt, and adding little pepper powder.
4. Amla juice concentration changes its color, when you store the concentration in a freezer.

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