How to make Ghee at Home?


Many people who do not want to buy ghee from a store want to know how to make ghee at home.

Well, there are fine reasons to make this item at home: First, fresh ghee makes the food tastier. Second, you can make this item in the quantities you desire. Third, you will save money.

Enjoy dishes like rice roti, idli, paratha, rice and upma and sweets like semiya payasam and holige or obattu, pouring a teaspoon or two of home-made clarified butter, which is another name for ghee. It is sure to take the taste of these dishes and of some other, several notches higher.

Ghee is said to be good for the health too. Learn how to make ghee at home and make your food delicious.

Food Fact
"In ancient India, ghee was the preferred cooking oil."1

You can prepare butter at home or buy quality butter from a store. Then, use the recipe that follows to make ghee. Making clarified butter is not a difficult task. With the steps that follows on how to make ghee from butter, you are on your way to prepare this yummy food.

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1. Butter 1 cup
2. Methi seeds, menthya or fenugreek 3
3. Elaichi seeds, cardamom or elakki 3
4. Curry leaves or karibevu 2
5. Rock-salt 1 crystal

How to make Ghee from Butter?

1. If you have stored the butter in the refrigerator, keep it outside and bring it to the room temperature.
2. Transfer the butter to a utensil. It should be big, 3-4 times bigger than the quantity of the butter.

3. If you have bought the butter locally, or if it has buttermilk smell, or the butter is old, then add about 2 cups of cold water and mix the butter with a spoon thoroughly.

Drain the water completely.


If the smell has not gone, repeat the procedure again.
4. Heat the utensil containing the butter over a medium flame.
5. Place a large spoon or spatula in the utensil.


Stir the butter frequently.
6. After the butter melts completely, the water present in the butter starts evaporating with a crackling noise.

Reduce the flame to low.

7. After the water evaporates completely, foam begins to appear.

Stir slowly.
8. When the foam rises above the surface, turn off the stove.
9. Add methi, cardamom seeds, curry leaves and rock salt.




Remove the spoon or spatula.

Let the mixture settle down.
10. Pour it slowly into a steel storage container.

11. Hold the ghee container with a cloth or tong, as the container will be very hot and place it in a large utensil.

Cover the container with its lid.

Pour some cold water into the large utensil. Make sure the water does not enter into the ghee container.


When the ghee container starts to float stop pouring.

Set aside until the ghee solidifies.

Fresh, aromatic, tasty, coarse type ghee is ready.


TIPS How to make Ghee at home?
1. If you are using small quantity of butter, as soon as the foam rises to the top, switch off the stove. Remove the vessel from the stove. Otherwise, the ghee will be burnt.
2. If you are not sure if making clarified butter is complete, while heating, drop a curry leaf on the foam. Push the leaf inside using a spatula. If the curry leaf makes a crackling noise the ghee is ready. Otherwise, heat for a few more seconds.