Masala Powder Recipes

Masala powder is the main ingredient for dishes like sambar, rasam, curry, vangibath and puliyogare. The more the quality of the masala powder, the better will be the taste of the food.

Masala powder offers health benefits also because of the items like turmeric, cinnamon and curry leaves in the powder.

An advantage of preparing masala powder at home is that it will be fresh.

Another benefit is you can make the powder to your taste preferences. For instance if you want it to be less spicy, use fewer chilies depending on their type.

Dry the ingredients of the masala powder recipes in the sun before making any of the masala powder. Well-dried items reduce the frying time and save gas.

It is common to make sambar powder in large quantities for daily use. Another reason to make this powder in bulk is this masala powder recipe ingredients and the preparation steps are more. Many make such a powder to last for six months or more.

Bise bele bath and vangibath powder should be made in small quantities, because these powders loose their freshness and flavor over time. You may want to make these powder to last for three to four weeks.