Dosa Recipes

Dosa is a most tasty and traditional south Indian vegetarian food.

Masala dosa is popular world-wide. From a famous, woman international tennis player to a well-known website,, dosa is liked by many.

In its article, "World's 50 most delicious foods," this website has included in its list, the masala dosa.

Whether the person is young or young-at-heart, he or she most probably likes the dosa, in particular, the masala variety.

It will have a generous amount of butter or ghee (clarified butter) and its inner part will have a light spread of coconut or red chili chutney and a filing of potato curry, also known as the masala dosa curry, making the dosa very delicious.

In addition to the masala dosa, there are also other types of dosas. These include:

- Moong dal dosa
- Wheat flour dosa
- Ragi dosa
- Neer dosa
- Bread Dosa
- Rava Dosa

Some dosas give health benefits too. Take for instance, the moong dal dosa. It is nutritious, particularly if this dosa is made from sprouted moong. Ragi dosa too is in the category of dosas that give a health bonus.

An info you should know about dosa recipes is you need to prepare and use, in general, specific types of batter to make specific kinds of dosas.

The masala dosa batter has to be prepared, a day before you intend to make this food, and set aside for the batter to ferment overnight.

One or more side-dishes can be used with a dosa. Some like to use sambar and chutney and yet others only the chutney. You can use a curry, or use the dal and vegetables in a sambar, too, to enjoy this food.

Chutneys for Dosas
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