Rice Flour Dosa Recipe | Instant Rice Flour Dosa | How to make Rice Flour Dosa

Think of the rice flour dosa recipe, if you wish to make an instant dosa. Thanks to the super-simplicity of this food, you can prepare it in minutes. For breakfast or to treat relatives and friends, this dosa is a great choice. If you want to break the monotony of regular dinner, again consider the rice flour dosa recipe.

At the heart of this recipe is, you guessed it, the rice flour. In fact, it's the only main ingredient of the rice flour dosa recipe. You do not need to use any other flour.

Use only home-made rice flour as much as possible. Why? It will typically be fresh and pure. These two traits of the flour, takes the taste of the dosa several notches higher.

Here are the steps to make rice flour at home.
Neer dosa and rava dosa have something in common with the rice flour dosa: Its texture and crispiness are almost similar to the first two types. The distinction among them, though, is it's way easier to make it. Thus, this food is also called as instant rice flour dosa.

Here is one more reason that would tempt you to know how to make rice flour dosa: Most curries and chutnies fit well with this dosa, as side dishes.

Here are just a few of the side dishes to relish the instant rice flour dosa:

Chutnies and Curries for Rice Flour Dosa
Chutnies Curries
Coconut chutney Aloo Sabzi
Cashew chutney Potato Curry
Curry leaves chutney Peas Curry

Serve the rice flour dosa hot with a teaspoon or two of fresh home-made ghee.

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Servings: 4-5 dosas


1. Rice flour 1/2 cup
2. Curd 1 tablespoon
3. Salt to taste
4. Cooking soda 1 pinch, optional
5. Sugar 1/4 teaspoon
6. Water about 1-and-1/2 cup

How to make Rice Flour Dosa?

1. Add rice flour, salt, sugar, curd and soda to a utensil. Mix.

2. Add about 1/2 cup of water.

Add the remaining water, while mixing, and make a thin batter.

rice flour dosa recipe s2b

The batter should be like that of a neer dosa / rava dosa.

3. Heat a dosa tava till it becomes hot.

Smear little oil across the entire surface of the tava.
4.  Take a ladle-full of the batter.

Hold the ladle above the tava at a height of about 3/4 feet.

Pour the batter in a circular motion, starting from the center and proceeding towards the edges.

Make sure the batter covers the entire tava.

If the batter is more at a particular spot, gently lift and rotate the tava till the batter spreads.

Pour a few drops of oil on the surface and at the edge.

5. Cook till the color of the surface and bottom of the dosa changes.

Fold and remove the dosa from the tava.

6. Rice flour dosa / instant rice flour dosa is ready.

TIPS Rice Flour Dosa Recipe
1. If you find it difficult to lift the dosa from the tava, or if the dosa breaks, then before you make the next one, make a paste of a teaspoon of maida and water and add the paste to the batter. Mix.
2. Prepare a seasoning with oil, mustard, jeera, chopped ginger, chilies and add it to the batter to make the dosa tastier.
3. Relish / serve the dosa soon it is made, because it will loose its crispiness fast.