Masala Dosa Recipe | How to make Masala Dosa at Home

masala dosa recipe

The masala dosa recipe, of all the dosa recipes, standout because masala dosa is tastiest. It is no wonder it is world famous, and people of all ages and walks of life crave for this food. The quality of the dosa batter is central to the taste of this dish. A point to note about the masala dosa recipe is that the dosa is cooked on only one side.

What else takes this dosa's taste to greater heights? The potato-onion curry, also known as the masala dosa curry, for the filling, coconut chutney and, above all, generous amount of butter pleases the taste buds.

A coat of red chili chutney on the inner surface of the dosa makes it spicier and tastier.

If you want the masala dosa to be crispy, set the flame to high and cook till the dosa's surface color changes. Then, set flame to low. Cook till brown color spots appear.

If you want the masala dosa to be soft, cook only till the surface color changes and dosa does not stick to your finger when you touch this food.

What is another, common type of masala dosa? It is known as sagu dosa and uses vegetable, and not potato-onion, curry as the filling. The sagu or curry will have carrot, potato, onion, bean, pea and tomato as the main ingredients.

Plain dosa is similar to the regular masala dosa, except the plain type will not have any filling.

Here is an interesting note about this dish: At restaurants, it is not uncommon to see people ordering gulab jamuns with masala dosas, as these are perhaps a perfect combination to relish.

A cup of hot filter coffee after eating the dosa could give you a greater sense of satisfaction.

Recipe for the masala dosa filling / potato-onion curry.

Here is how to make dosa batter at home.

Here is the plain dosa recipe.

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1. Dosa batter
2. Butter
3. Oil
4. Masala dosa curry / Potato Curry

How to make Masala Dosa at Home?

1. Heat a non-stick or dosa tava.

masala dosa recipe s1
2. Coat the tava with little oil.

A way of doing this:

- Dip a small portion of a coconut husk in the oil
- Coat the tava using the husk

It is not necessary to coat the tava, if you will use a non-stick tava.
3. Sprinkle little water on the tava.
4. Pour a ladle full of dosa batter at the center of the hot tava.

masala dosa recipe s4

Spread the batter, from the center to the outside, in a circular motion, ensuring the entire tava is covered, immediately.

masala dosa recipe s4b
5. Cook on high flame, till the top surface of the dosa changes its color.
6. Turn the flame to low.

Pour a quarter teaspoon of oil across the dosa surface.
7. Cook till brown spots appear in the circular grooves.

masala dosa recipe s7
8. Coat the dosa with a dollop or 1/4-teaspoon of butter.

masala dosa recipe s8
9. Coat the dosa with red chutney, whose quantity depends on your preference.

masala dosa recipe s9
10. Place and spread about 1-2 tablespoons of masala dosa curry / potato curry on one half of the dosa, as shown in the photo.

masala dosa recipe s10a

Lift and fold the other half of the dosa as shown in the photo. Gently press the dosa.

masala dosa recipe s10b

If you wish, spread extra butter on the dosa.
11. Masala dosa is ready.

masala dosa recipe final

Serve the masala dosa hot with a butter topping, coconut chutney and sambar.

TIPS Masala Dosa Recipe
1. If you do not want the dosa to be spicier, do not use red chili chutney.
2. If the dosa is thick and if its surface does not cook properly:

- In Step 7, flip the dosa and cook for 1-2 minutes
- Flip again and continue from Step 8.
3. To reduce the cooking time and save gas or electricity:

- Cover the dosa with a plate after Step 4
- After a few minutes, remove the plate and continue from Step 5.