How to make Neer Dosa?

how to make neer dosa

With the information on how to make neer dosa, make it for breakfast or as a light evening food. What is special about neer dose? It is super-delicious. The taste of this dish and its thinness and softness would make many to crave for it. A great point about how to make neer dosa is that you do not have to ferment the batter.

What is a reason for the fine taste of this food? The coconut gratings is an item in the batter that plays a big part to delight the taste buds.

Because neer dosa is super-delicious, the recipe for neer dosa needs only the everyday ingredients, and the dish itself is quite easy to make, you may want to make it on a Sunday or holiday.

The recipe for neer dosa is light on the ingredients: It needs only four items. These are rice flour, aval, coconut gratings and salt.

Ensure you grind the ingredients into a very fine paste. If it is not fine, and as the dosa has to be prepared thin, the ingredients will be felt while eating.

The most common of the side dishes for the neer dose are onion chutney, tomato chutney, peas curry and coconut chutney.

Be sure to eat or serve this food hot, as it will lose some of its taste when it becomes cold.

gooseberry jam
Gooseberry jam is a lip-smacking jam for dishes like neer dosa.

Servings: 15 Dosas


1. Raw rice 1 cup
2. Coconut gratings 1/4 cup
3. Thick aval / atukulu / poha / avalakki / beaten rice 1/4 cup
4. Salt to taste

Recipe for Neer Dosa

1. Wash and soak raw rice and aval.

how to make neer dosa s1

Keep aside for 2-3 hours.

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Here is a key step of the recipe for neer dosa: Grind coconut, rice and aval into a very fine paste.

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3. Transfer the paste to a utensil.

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Add salt and water. Mix. The neer dosa batter is ready.

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The batter should be very thin like the batter of a rava dosa.

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4. Set flame to high.

Heat a dosa tava well. Otherwise, the batter will not spread properly.

Coat the tava with little oil.

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5. Take the batter in a laddle.

Pour the batter from a height, so it spreads quickly.

Continue to pour the batter till it covers the entire tava.

If there are big holes in the raw dosa, pour batter just enough to cover the holes.

If there is batter concentration at one or more edges of the tava, hold its handle, lift it and gently and slowly rotate it.

how to make neer dosa s5
6. Pour little oil at the edgesof the batter.

Set the flame to medium.
7. When light brown spots appear at the center of the dosa, and when the batter does not stick to your finger when you touch the dosa:

Separate the dosa from the tava, at the edges, using a spatula.

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Lift the dosa from the tava.
8. Lift about half of one side of the dosa and fold it to overlap the other side.

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Lift one corner of the dosa and place it on the other corner to get a triangular shape.

how to make neer dosa s9
9. Neer dosa is ready.

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TIPS How to make Neer Dosa?
1. Cook neer dosa on one side only.
2. Unlike regular dosas, the neer dosa will not have golden brown color. So do not over cook the dosa, as doing so makes it dry.
3. Use a thick, tender coconut instead of a regular coconut to make the neer dose more tasty.