How to make Dosa at Home | Plain Dosa

how to make dosa at home

A key point of how to make dosa at home is the quality of the dosa batter, which almost decides the taste of the dosas. Dosas, in general, can be made for breakfast or dinner.

For dinner, you may want to make only plains dosas or ragi dosas. Why? The masala version is 'heavy' for late-evening consumption.

The description on how to make dosa at home, given below, is for plain dosas.

The plain dosa recipe needs only three ingredients: the dosa batter, butter and oil.

Did you know?
The three of the dosa types are:

1. Plain Dosa - It is like masala dosa in that butter or ghee is used as a topping and the dosa is crispy. The dosa is unlike the masala counterpart in that the plain dosa will not have any filling.

This recipe is for plain dosa.

2. Masala Dosa - It can perhaps be called as the 'King of Dosas.' A masala dosa will have generous amount of butter / ghee topping and masala dosa curry or onion-potato curry filling.

3. Set dosa - These are smaller in size compared to the first two.

For this type of dosa, no butter or ghee is used. The dosa will not have any type of filling. This dosa is a good option, if you want to make it with less oil.

If you order set dosa in a restaurant, it will, usually, serve three, small dosas as a set.

How to make dosa batter at home

Here are some of the side dishes for plain dosas:

Coconut chutney

Masala dosa curry

Aloo Sabzi


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Quantity: Batter for 30-35 dosas


1. Dosa batter
2. Butter
3. Oil

How to Prepare Dosa?

1. Heat a non-stick tava or dosa tava.

how to make dosa at home s1
2. Coat the tava using, for example, coconut husk, with little oil.

Do not use too much oil, because it makes it difficult to spread the batter.
3. Sprinkle little water on the tava.
4. Take a ladle full of dosa batter and pour it on the center of the hot tava.

how to make dosa at home s4

Spread the batter from the center to the outside, evenly, covering the entire tava, immediately.

how to make dosa at home s4b
5. Cook on high flame, till the surface of the dosa changes its color.
6. Turn the fiame to low.

Pour a quarter teaspoon of oil across the surface of the dosa.
7. Cook till brown spots appear in the circular grooves.

how to make dosa at home s5
8. Coat the dosa with a dollop or 1/4 teaspoon of butter.

how to make dosa at home s8
9. Fold the dosa.

how to make dosa at home s9
10. If you wish, spread extra butter on the dosa.

Plain dosa is ready.

how to make dosa at home final

Eat or serve it hot, for example, with sambar and coconut chutney or onion-potato curry.

TIPS How to make Dosa at Home
1. If you like, coat the inside of the dosa with red chili chutney for a spicier taste.
2. Sprinkle a few drops of water on the tava, before you pour the batter, for two reasons:

- To check if the tava has become hot. If it has, you will hear a clear hiss sound and you can pour the batter. Otherwise, heat the tava for some more time.

- To reduce the quantity of oil spread on the tava.
3. If you do not like crispy plain dosa, remove it, from the tava, as soon as a few golden brown spots appear on the dosa.