How to Make Adai Dosa | Recipe for Adai Dosa

how to make adai dosa

What are some of the reasons to know how to make adai dosa? It has a super taste, is healthy and has a good fit for breakfast and as a light evening food. A native dish of Tamil Nadu, adai dosa belongs to the class of instant dosas. This means, you do not have to ferment the batter unlike that of masala dosa, for example. The recipe that follows gives you the steps on how to make adai dosa.

Rice, toor dal, chana dal, urud dal, and moong dal are among the main items of this recipe for adai dosa.

Hing, jeera and ginger are some of the other ingredients. Not only these three items give a spicy touch to the adai dosa, but also helps to digest it.

The onions, chillies and curry and coriander leaves play their part in making this dosa lip-smacking.

dals for adai dosa
Moong, urud, toor and chana dal make the adai dosa delicious and nutritious

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Lentils, if part of the day-to-day diet, may reduce the "bad" or LDL cholesterol.1

To boost the taste of the adai dosa, you need to prepare a matching side dish.

Food Fact
Eating lentils on a daily basis may help in weight loss, because lentils are said to increase fullness (satiety).2

What is a good side dish for adai dosa? Tomato chutney and red chili chutney are among the chutneys that can make relishing this dosa more enjoyable.

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Quantity: 12-15 dosas


1. Raw rice / chawal / arrisi / bhiyam / ari / akki 1/4 cup
2. Toor dal /tuvar dal / togari bele / kandi pappu / thoovaram paruppu 1/4 cup
3. Chana dal / bengal gram dal / senagapappu / kadalai paruppu / kadala parippu / kadale bele 1/4 cup
4. Urad dal / black gram / uddina bele / minapappu / uluthamparuppu 1/4 cup
5. Moong dal / green gram / paasi paruppu / cherupayar / pesarapappu / hesaru bele 1/4 cup
6. Rice flakes / poha / aval / attugulu / avalakki / beaten rice 1/4 cup
7. Methi seeds 1/2 teaspoon
8. Jeera / cumin 1 teaspoon
9. Coriander 2 teaspoons
10. Red chilies 4-5 or to taste
11. Hing / asafoetida, few pinches
12. Curry leaves, chopped, 1-2 sprigs

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13. Onion(s), chopped, 1-2

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14. Coriander leaves, chopped, few sprigs
15. Ginger, small piece, chopped
16. Salt to taste
17. Oil for cooking

How to make Adai Dosa?

1. Wash rice and methi.

Add water.

how to make adai dosa s1

Add coriander seeds, red chilies and jeera.

how to make adai dosa s1b

Soak for 3-4 hours.

how to make adai dosa s1c
2. Wash items 2 to 6 of the Ingredients table.

how to make adai dosa s2

Add water.

how to make adai dosa s2b

Soak for 3-4 hours.

how to make adai dosa s2c
3. Grind the rice mixture to a paste.

how to make adai dosa s3

how to make adai dosa s3b

how to make adai dosa s3c
4. Add dal mixture and hing.

how to make adai dosa s4

Grind to a slightly course paste.

how to make adai dosa s4b

Transfer to a bowl.

how to make adai dosa s5

Add water only if the batter is thick, and mix, to bring it to a dosa-batter consistency.
5. Add all the chopped items and salt to the dal batter.

how to make adai dosa s5c

Do not add the chopped items, if you wish to make thin, adai dosas.


Adai dosa batter is ready.

how to make adai dosa s5d
6. Heat a dosa tava.

how to make adai dosa s6
7. Pour a ladle-full of batter and spread it, starting from the center and moving outwards, into a circular shape.

how to make adai dosa s7

Cover with a plate.

how to make adai dosa s7b

If you cover the dosa with a plate, the dosa cooks faster and also you can save gas or electricity.
8. Remove the plate after a few minutes.
how to make adai dosa s8
9. Pour a few drops of oil.

how to make adai dosa s9


how to make adai dosa s10
10. Cook both sides till the dosa turns to golden brown.

how to make adai dosa s10b
11. Adai dosa is ready.

how to make adai dosa final

TIPS How to make Adai Dosa
1. Add tamarind while grinding, if you like dosas with a sour taste.
2. Add jeera to the batter also, if you like to experience eating the jeera.
3. Add chopped green chilies to make the adai dosa spicier.