Veg Kurma Recipe | Vegetable Kurma Recipe | How to make Vegetable Kurma

veg kurma recipe

Use this veg kurma recipe to make the kurma, a side dish, which is also known as vegetable korma, for a number of cuisines. For rice dishes like ghee rice, veg kurma is almost a must have.

This curry also makes a good combination with items like poori, chapati, naan and roti.

If you want to make a curry with gravy, then you should know how to make veg kurma. Because of the gravy, this kurma can be used as a side dish for a range of items.

At the heart of the veg kurma recipe are the vegetables.

What about the other ingredients in the vegetable kurma recipe? Most of the items in this recipe are those that you use in everyday cooking. Turmeric and dhania powder are among the key ingredients in the veg kurma recipe.

Some who want to know how to make veg kurma might have the belief that it should be difficult to make this curry. The truth is it is easy to make this kurma. It can also be done almost fast.

Cutting and cooking of the vegetables are among the steps in the vegetable kurma recipe that takes a bit of time.

Serve or savor the veg kurma hot.

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1. Oil 2-3 teaspoons
2. Onion 1
3. Tomato 1
4. Mixed vegetables. It can be one or more of:
green beans, carrot, potato, cauliflower, peas and capsicum.

Cut into thin, long pieces, about 2 cups.
5. Turmeric 1/4 teaspoon
6. Dhania / coriander powder 1 teaspoon
7. Jeera powder 1/4 teaspoon
8. Salt to taste
9. Lemon juice to taste
10. Fresh coriander leaves 1 tablespoon

For Masala:

1. Coconut gratings 1/4 cup
2. Kasa kasa / poppy seeds / khas khas / khus khus / gasagase 1/2 tablespoon
3. Ginger small piece
4. Garlic cloves 3-4

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5. Cinnamon small piece
6. Cloves 2-3
7. Mace small piece
8. Green chilies 3-4 or to taste
9. Saunf / somp 1 teaspoon

How to make Veg Kurma?

1. Wash and cut the vegetables.

veg kurma recipe s1

Chop the onion and tomato.
2. Cook the vegetables, except capsicum and onion, in salt and turmeric water, till the vegetables are just soft.

veg kurma recipe s2

veg kurma recipe s2b
3. Grind all the masala ingredients, with water, into a fine paste.

veg kurma recipe s3

veg kurma recipe s3b

veg kurma recipe s3c
4. Heat oil in a utensil.

veg kurma recipe s4
5. Add chopped onion.

veg kurma recipe s5

Fry till these turn to golden brown.

veg kurma recipe s5b
6. Add capsicum pieces.

veg kurma recipe s6

Fry till these become just soft.

veg kurma recipe s6b
7. Add dhania powder and jeera powder.

veg kurma recipe s7

Fry for a few seconds.
8. Add the ground masala.

veg kurma recipe s8

Fry till you get the aroma.

veg kurma recipe s8b
9. Add cooked vegetables.

veg kurma recipe s9

Add the water used for cooking the vegetables. If it is not sufficient, add extra water.

The quantity of water or extra water you should add depends on how thick you want the gravy to be.

Add little salt.

Do not add more salt, because you will have already added the salt while cooking the vegetables.

10. Cover and cook till the oil floats.

veg kurma recipe s9b

Add coriander leaves.

veg kurma recipe s9c

11. Veg kurma, vegetable kurma or mixed vegetable kurma is ready.

veg kurma recipe final

TIPS Veg Kurma Recipe
1. If the gravy becomes thin, add a few teaspoons of roasted chana powder mixed in water. Mix.
2. Do not fry the capsicum too much, because it will lose its crispiness.
3. If you have cooked the peas and stored them in the freezer, do not cook the peas again. Instead, add them in Step 9 directly.