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Indian Chickpea Curry

indian chickpea curry

Indian chickpea curry is a curry with a superb taste. It can be used as a sambar also. For items like chapati, ragi roti and ragi dosa, this curry would be a great side dish. This kabuli chana recipe gives you the steps, with photos, to make the Indian chickpea curry.

In the chickpea curry recipe, the chickpea, also known as, among others, kabuli chana, kabul kadale kaalu, garbanzo beans, is at the heart of the excellent taste of the Indian chickpea curry.

The chickpea or kabuli chana not only has an excellent taste, but is said to be good for the health too.

Food Fact Chickpeas are said to reduce excessive cholesterol or fat and may prevent diabetes.1

What other items in the chickpea curry recipe make this curry a fine side dish? Brinjals, onions and potatoes add to its taste.

A point about the Indian chickpea curry you have to take an extra note is about the brinjals and potatoes you use. These can affect the taste of the curry. So, use fresh brinjals only. As for potatoes, they should be old.

You can make this curry to be one of three types: watery, thick or gravy, depending on how you want to use it.

For instance:

- For ragi mudde and rice, the Indian chickpea curry should be made in such a way it is watery.

- For chapati and roti, the curry should have gravy.

- To use it as a side dish, the curry should be thick.

The combination of hot rice, the Indian chickpea curry and a teaspoon of ghee should make your lunch or dinner more satisfying.

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Ref: 1Dietary chickpeas reverse visceral adiposity, dyslipidaemia and insulin resistance in rats induced by a chronic high-fat diet, British Journal of Nutrition, journals.cambridge.org

Servings: Three to four

1. Channa / white chickpea / kabuli chana / kabul kadale kaalu 1/2 cup
2. Brinjals 2
3. Onions 2, medium size
4. Oil 2 teaspoons
5. Mustard 1/4 teaspoon
6. Curry leaves 1 sprig

Blog Post:
Benefits of Curry Leaves
7. Hing / asafoetida 2 pinches
8. Tamarind concentrate / juice to taste
9. Salt to taste
10. Chopped fresh coriander leaves 1 tablespoon

Masala Items:

Oil 1 teaspoon
2. Cinnamon 1/2-inch piece
3. Cloves 2-3
4. Onion 1/2
5. Ginger small piece
6. Garlic cloves 3-4 (optional)

Blog post: What are the Benefits of Garlic?
7. Curry leaves 8-10
8. Tomato 1
9. Red chili powder 1 teaspoon
10. Dhania powder / coriander powder 1 teaspoon
11. Turmeric powder 1/4 teaspoon

Blog post: What are the Benefits of Turmeric?
12. Coconut gratings 1/4 cup
13. Kasa kasa / poppy seeds / khas khas / khus khus / gasagase 1 teaspoon

How to Prepare the Masala?

Chop the onion and tomato.

Heat oil. indian chickpea curry s22
Add cinnamon and cloves.

indian chickpea curry s23
Add onion, ginger, garlic and curry leaves.

Fry till the onions are half-cooked.
indian chickpea curry s24

indian chickpea curry s24b
Add tomato and turmeric, chili and dhania powder.

Fry till the tomato becomes hot.
indian chickpea curry s25

indian chickpea curry s25b
Add coconut gratings and kasa kasa / poppy seeds.

Fry till the coconut becomes hot.

Switch-off the stove.

Keep aside to cool
indian chickpea curry s26
7. Add water and grind to a fine paste.

Masala for Indian chickpea curry is ready.
indian chickpea curry s27

indian chickpea currys 27b

How to make the Indian Chickpea Curry?

Soak the chana / chickpea in water for 6-8 hours.
indian chickpea curry s1filler_photo
Cut the brinjal into desired size pieces.

How to Prevent Color-change and Bitterness?
To prevent color-change and reduce the bitterness of cut brinjals, click the link below:

How to Prevent Color-change and Reduce the Bitterness of Cut-brinjals
filler_photoindian chickpea curry s2

indian chickpea curry s2b

indian chickpea curry s2c
Add a cup of water to the chana.

Pressure cook for 2 whistles.
indian chickpea curry s3
Dice the onions. indian chickpea curry s4
Heat the oil in a utensil till the oil becomes hot.

indian chickpea curry s5
Add mustard seeds. Wait till these splutter.
Add hing, curry leaves and onions, one after the other.

Fry till the onions are almost cooked.
indian chickpea curry s7
8. Wash brinjal 2-3 times.

Squeeze to remove the water from the pieces.

Add to the onions.

Fry for 2-3 minutes.
indian chickpea curry s8

indian chickpea curry s8b
9. Add the masala paste.

Fry for a minute.
indian chickpea curry s9
10. Add the chana along with water, tamarind concentrate and salt.


NOTE: Add more water, the quantity of which depends on how thick you want the gravy to be.
indian chickpea curry s10
11. Cook till the brinjal becomes soft. indian chickpea curry s11
12. Add coriander leaves. Mix.

Indian chickpea curry is ready.

indian chickpea curry final

TIPS Indian Chickpea Curry
1. Any type of brinjals can be used.
2. Green chilies can be used in place of red chili powder. In this case, the color of the curry will be different.

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