Bendakaya Vepudu | Okra Stir Fry | Bhindi Curry Recipe

bendakaya vepudu

Bendakaya vepudu is an answer if you are thinking of making a curry that is easy to prepare, doesn't have many steps and is healthy. Among others, this curry is also known as okra stir fry, bendekayi palya or bhindi curry. If you want to make a curry in a hurry, then bendakaya vepudu is a choice.

This recipe gives the ingredients and steps to make dry type bendakaya vepudu or bhindi curry.

Be sure to use only fresh and tender bendakaya or okra to make this side dish.

The taste of a chapati gets a boost with bendakaya vepudu. In addition to the main vegetable, thanks to the masala made from dry copra, dried red chilies and garlic, all of which give this curry a fine taste.

Want to try something different than sambar for rice? Mix this side dish with rice and relish.

Bendakaya curry details the method to make gravy-type curry.

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Servings: 2-3


1. Bendakaya / vendakka / okra / vendakka / bendekayi / ladies finger, sliced 2 cups (heaped)
2. Oil 1 tablespoon
3. Mustard 1/2 teaspoon
4. Jeera / cumin seeds 1/2 teaspoon
5. Tamarind juice 1 teaspoon or to taste


Lemon juice 1/2 teaspoon or to taste
6. Salt to taste
7. Coriander leaves for garnishing

How to make Bendakaya Vepudu?

Refer to 1 to 4 steps in Bendakaya Curry for info on how to wash and chop the bendakayas.

Wash, dry and cut bendakaya into thin slices.

bendakaya vepudu s1
2. Heat oil in a non-stick pan.

bendakaya vepudu s2
3. Add mustard and jeera when the oil becomes hot. Fry till the jeera turns to golden brown.

bendakaya vepudu s3
4. Add bendakayas.

bendakaya vepudu s4

Fry 3-4 minutes or till they are half-cooked.

bendakaya vepudu s4b
5. Add tamarind juice. Mix.

bendakaya vepudu s5

Cook till the bendakaya, okra or bhindi becomes soft.

bendakaya vepudu s5b
6. Add copra, chilies and garlic to a mixer jar.

bendakaya vepudu s6

Dry grind to a coarse powder.

bendakaya vepudu s6b
7. Add the ground masala and salt to the bendakaya mixture.

bendakaya vepudu s7

Cook till the bendakaya absorbs salt and the copra becomes crispy.

bendakaya vepudu s7b
7. Garnish with coriander leaves.

Bendakaya vepudu, okra stir fry, or bhindi curry is ready.

bendakaya vepudu final

TIPS Bendakaya Vepudu
1. Sprinkle water if the bendakaya slices become too dry in STEP 5.
2. Bendakayas that are not fresh may take more time to cook. As a result, the bendakayas may burn. To avoid this, sprinkle some water on them, in Step 5.