Beetroot Palya | Beetroot Palya Recipe | How to make Beetroot Curry

beetroot palya

Beetroot palya, or beetroot curry, gives you the best of both the worlds: it is a healthy and tasty side dish.

Beetroot is one of the vegetables that can be called as a wonder food, because it said to be a treasure chest of medicinal values. It is generally available in all seasons.

Make beetroot palya a regular part of your diet, today, and benefit from its health properties.

Food Fact
High blood pressure increases the risk of cardio vascular diseases.

A research study has found that including beetroot juice as part of a normal diet can reduce BP in men.1

how to make chapati
What is a dish that has a best fit with beetroot palya?

Chapati, yes it will be a fine experience to relish this food with this palya.

So, get to know how to make beetroot curry, because you can enjoy it with chapati.

If you know how to make beetroot curry you can prepare a healthier side dish fast. The reason is the beetroot curry recipe needs only a few ingredients, which you typically use in day-to-day cooking.

The steps are also simple and straightforward.

In the beetroot palya recipe, the main items are the beetroot, onions, chilies and curry leaves.

If you will use a large pressure cooker to prepare this side dish, then you will also need to use more water to cook the beetroot.

The curry, thus, tends to become watery. To avoid this, put the beetroot and the seasoning in a separate, smaller utensil and place it inside the cooker containing water and cook.

Garnish the beetroot palya with plenty of fresh coconut gratings and a few drops of lemon juice.

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Servings: About 2 cups


1. Beetroot 2 or about 2 cups of beetroot pieces

health benefits of beetroot
What is the name of the compound in a beetroot that is said to prevent chronic diseases?

Find the answer in the post Health Benefits of Beetroot in the blog.
2. Oil 1 tablespoon
3. Mustard seeds 1/2 teaspoon
4. Chana dal 1 teaspoon
5. Jeera / cumin 1/2 teaspoon
6. Urad dal 1/2 teaspoon
7. Green chilies 2-3, chopped, or to taste
8. Onion 1 big, chopped

health benefits of onions
Onions are storehouses of medicinal properties.

Read more about the Health Benefits of Onions in the blog.
9. Salt to taste
10. Coconut gratings 1 tablespoon
11. Chopped coriander leaves 1 tablespoon
12. Lemon juice to taste

How to make Beetroot Curry?

1. Wash the beetroot.

beetroot palya s1

Remove the top.

beetroot palya s1b

Peel the skin.

beetroot palya s1c

Chop the beeetroot.

beetroot palya s1d
2. Heat oil in an utensil till the oil becomes hot.

beetroot palya s2
3. Add mustard.

beetroot palya s3
4. Add chana dal, urad dal and jeera when the mustard starts to splutter.

Fry till the dal turns to light golden brown.

beetroot palya s4
5. Add chilies and onion.

beetroot palya s5

Fry till the onion becomes soft.

beetroot palya s5b
6. Add beetroot.

Fry for a minute.

beetroot palya s6
7. Transfer the beetroot mixture to a cooker.

beetroot palya s7

You can also cook the beetroot in an utensil. If you use a pressure cooker, however, you can prepare this side dish faster and also save on gas or electricity.
8. Add about 1/4 cup of water.

beetroot palya s8

Pressure cook till one whistle.

beetroot palya s8b
9. Remove the lid after the pressure subsides.

Add salt.

Cook till the beetroot absorbs the salt.

beetroot palya s9
10. Add coconut, coriander and lemon juice.

beetroot palya s10


beetroot palya s10b

If there is water left in the cooker, cook till there is no water.
11. Beetroot palya / beetroot curry is ready.

beetroot palya final

TIPS Beetroot Palya
1. Choose beetroot which is firm, as such beetroot indicates it is fresh.
2. Use beetroot soon after you buy it to benefit from its freshness and also because it will be tasty.