Baingan Curry | Baingan Curry Recipe | Baingan ki Sabzi | Egg Plant Curry

baingan curry

Baingan curry is a side dish you would like very much, all thanks to its fine taste. If someone were to ask me, "Which curry is a good match for rice roti or akki roti?" without a second thought I will say, "Badanekayi ennegayi or baingan curry." What is more, baingan curry, also known, as among others, baingan ki sabzi or egg plant curry, belongs to the class of simple side dishes.

Try thatte idli, dosa, chapati or jowar roti with baingan curry and, here too, you would not be disappointed, as it has a good fit with these dishes also.

Although baingan, brinjal or egg plant is said to be a vegetable that increases body heat, baingan nevertheless has many medicinal properties too.

Food Fact
Chlorogenic acid found in brinajals / egg plants might reduce LDL or "bad" cholesterol.1

A feather in the cap of baingan curry recipe is that it does not use too many spices. So, if you wish to make a side dish that's less spicy, this curry would be a good choice. Or, if you want to make a curry often, baingan curry, again, is a forerunner.

Do you need to use any special items to make this food? No, the baingan curry recipe calls for only the ingredients you use in everyday cooking.

Mix the baingan curry with rice and a teaspoon of home-made ghee and relish it for an unforgettable taste.

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Servings: 3-4


1. Baingan / vankaya / kathirikkai / badanekayi / brinjal / eggplant 4-5
2. Oil 1 tablespoon
3. Onions 1-2
4. Curry leaves 1 sprig
5. Tamarind paste to taste
6. Turmeric powder few pinches

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7. Salt to taste
8. Coriander leaves for garnishing

For Masala:

1. Coconut gratings 2 tablespoons
2. Sambar powder 1 teaspoon or to taste
3. Roasted gram dal 2 teaspoons
4. Tomato(es) 1-2

How to make Baingan Curry?

1. Cut baingans into thin, 1-inch long pieces.

baingan curry s1

baingan curry s1b

How to Prevent Color-change and Bitterness?
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2. Chop the onions.

baingan curry s2
3. Heat the oil.

baingan curry s3
4. Add onion and curry leaves.

Fry for 2-3 minutes.

baingan curry s4
5. Add baingan to the onion mixture.

baingan curry s5

Fry till the pieces change their color.

baingan curry s5b
6. Add masala items and water to a mixer jar and grind to a paste.

baingan curry s6
7. Add turmeric and the ground masala to the baingan mixture.

baingan curry s7

Fry for 2-3 minutes.

baingan curry s7b
8. Add water and salt.


baingan curry s8

Add tamarind paste, if:

You have used only one tomato


You want the curry to be sour.
9. Cover and cook till the baingan becomes soft.

baingan curry s9

baingan curry s9b

Add more water if the curry becomes thick.

Taste. Add salt if necessary.
10. Add coriander leaves. Mix.

baingan curry s10
11. Baingan curry, baingan ki sabzi or egg plant curry is ready.

baingan curry final

TIPS Baingan Curry
1. If you do not have sambar powder, add 3/4 teaspoon of chili powder and dhania powder.
2. Use any type of baingan, brinjal or egg plant.