South Indian Curry Recipes

baingan curry

South Indian curry recipes enable you to prepare a variety of side dishes that can be eaten with a number of vegetarian cuisines.  Chapathi, dosa, idli, roti / rotti all need at least one curry to make the food taste better and also to get the nutrients from the vegetables in the curry.

Curries can be classified into three main types: dry, semi-gravy and gravy. The green bean curry, veg kurma and moong dal curry are examples of the three varieties respectively.

Among the south Indian curry recipes, you will find some that can be consumed with rice. For instance, the tomato curry or the bendakaya curry (gravy okra curry) and rice make an excellent combination. Add a little ghee to this and the food will be yummylicious!

With the south Indian vegetarian curry recipes, prepare side dishes that have vegetables as the main ingredient and that give a tasty dimension to the main food items.