Til Chutney

til chutney

Til chutney is one of the chutnies that stands first on the taste and the health lines. Some of the other names for this side dish are til ki chutney, ellu thuvaiyal or sesame chutney. Serve ulundu sadam or urad dal rice with this chutney and the food will be lip-smacking.

Want to try a different side dish for rice roti or akki rotti? Try til chutney mixed with ghee, and the experience of the excellent taste will remain in your min for more time.

Dosa, particularly moong dal dosa, idli and chawal ki roti too shines more on the taste scale with this humble, yet fine side dish.

Food Fact
sesame chutney
Sesame seed, in relation to some other seeds, has the highest amount of a compound called phytosterols.1

Phytosterols are said to reduce the risk of cardio vascular diseases.2

Season the til chutney in ghee with curry leaves, urud dal and hing (asafoetida) and mix this side dish with hot rice and relish.

The til chutney recipe is light on the ingredients. These are those that you typically use to cook everyday breakfast, lunch or dinner. How about preparing this chutney itself? Here too, this chutney gets a top score.

In fact, if you want to make a chutney in a hurry, til chutney or ellu thuvaiyal would be a superb choice as it can be made in about five minutes.

In addition to the til in the til chutney recipe, garlic is one of the ingredients that has much medicinal values.

Do you know that garlic can work as a natural antibiotic?

What are the health benefits of garlic?, in the blog, gives more info on this herb's medicinal values.

What type of til, ellu or sesame you can use to make this chutney?

It's common to use white sesame. This side dish, however, can be made from black til also.

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Servings: 2-3


1. Til / sesame / nuvvula / ellu 1/4 cup
2. Fresh coconut gratings 1 tablespoon
3. Red chilies 2-3 or to taste
4. Garlic cloves 2-3
5. Curry leaves 1 sprig

benefits of curry leaves
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6. Coriander leaves, few sprigs
7. Tamarind / tamarind concentrate / juice to taste

Here is how to make tamarind paste at home.
8. Jaggery to taste

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9. Salt to taste

How to make Til Chutney?

til chutney video

1. Set the flame to low.

Dry fry the til until it turns light golden brown or it crackles.

til chutney s1b

Transfer to a bowl. Keep aside.
2. Dry fry red chilies and curry leaves.

til chutney s2

Fry till the chilies become hot.
3. Add all the ingredients, except til to a mixer jar.

Dry grind.

til chutney s3
4. Add til.

til chutney s4

Add water and grind to a coarse paste.

til chutney s4b
5. Til chutney / ellu thuvaiyal / sesame chutney is ready

til chutney final

TIPS Til Chutney
1. You can make this chutney with only til or ellu, chilies, tamarind and salt.
2. Use green chilies as a substitute for red chilies.
3. If you wish to store the chutney for more time, use dry coconut, in lieu of fresh coconut, and boiled-and-cooled water.