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Puli Inji | Allam Pachadi

puli inji

Puli inji, inji puli and allam pachadi are some of the names for this delicious chutney made from ginger. Moong dal dosa, chapati, methi chapathi, palak paratha and idli are just a few of the dishes whose taste can soar higher with puli inji as the side dish. Because puli inji is among the first in the taste and the health lines, you may want to give it a try today.

Food Fact Inji, allam, shunti or ginger is an outstanding herb with curative properties.

Read more about the health benefits of ginger in the blog.

The puli inji recipe is in the same class of recipes that need a few and common ingredients. That is not all, it is easy to make the puli inji or allam pachadi.

The spicy-sour-sweet taste of the puli inji sets it apart from the other pachadis. In the puli inji recipe, the ginger, tamarind and jaggery are the key ingredients that give inji puli its lip-smacking taste.

It is quite common to use puli inji as a side dish for moong dal dosa, one of the other names for which is pesarattu.

how to make moong dosa Here is how to make moong dosa with sprouted or plain moong.

The puli inji gives you one more benefit: It can remain in good condition for up to a year at room temperature. What this means is you have a ready side dish in case you want to eat or serve, in a hurry, a cuisine like methi roti.

Do not want to make a sambar or you have only little leftover sambar? Here too puli inji or allam pachadi can be a good substitute, as hot rice and this inji make a great combination.

amla juice

Amla juice is said to prevent or control diabetes
You may want to recharge yourself in the morning, everyday, by drinking a glass of amla juice / gooseberry juice, as it is said to be an outstanding health drink.


Inji / allam / shunti / ginger 100 grams
2. Garlic 100 grams
3. Jaggery 150 grams or to taste

Which is better, from the health view, jaggery or sugar?

Here is more info about the jaggery benefits in the blog.
4. Red chili powder 100 grams or to taste
5. Tamarind 200 grams or to taste
6. Turmeric powder 1/4 teaspoon
7. Salt to taste


Oil 150 grams
Mustard seeds 2 teaspoons
Chana dal 1 tablespoon
Urad dal 1 tablespoon
5. Garlic cloves, as desired

How to make Allam Pachadi or Puli Inji?

1. Clean and wash ginger.

Cut into pieces.

puli inji s1b
2. Remove the outer skin of the garlic bulbs and separate the cloves.

This recipe does not remove the outer skin of the cloves, because such skin is said to increase the nutritional value of this dish.
puli inji s2
3. Clean the tamarind to remove any fibers and impurities.

Immerse the tamarind in water.

puli inji s3
4. Boil the tamarind for about 5 minutes or till it becomes soft.

Keep aside to cool.
puli inji s4

puli inji s4b

5. Add the tamarind with water to a mixer jar.

Grind to a paste.
puli inji s5

puli inji s5b
6. Keep aside about 20% of all the other ingredients.

Add the remaining 80% of all the other ingredients.

Grind to a paste.

NOTE: Add water, if necessary, to enable grinding.
puli inji s6

puli inji s6b
7. Heat oil on a low flame. puli inji s7
8. Add chana dal and urad dal.

Fry till the dal changes color.
puli inji s8
9. Add garlic cloves.

Fry till the dal or garlic turns to golden brown.
puli inji s9
10. Add the ground paste.


Taste the puli inji after the ground paste boils. If necessary, add the ingredients set aside in Step 6. The quantity you should add depends on your taste preferences.

Fry till the paste thickens and the oil separates at the edges.

puli inji s10

puli inji s10b

puli inji s10c
11. Puli inji / inji puli / allam pachadi is ready.
puli inji final

TIPS Puli Inji
1. Keep the puli inji / allam pachadi in a clean, sterilized glass bottle after the chutney cools.
2. You can store this dish up to a year.

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