How to make Onion Chutney | Onion Chutney Recipe for Dosa

how to make onion chutney

Onion chutney is a super-delicious chutney with a sweet, spicy and tangy taste. Learn how to make onion chutney, with the recipe that follows, to use it as a side dish for food like moong dal dosa, ragi dosa, sabudana dosa and neer dosa.

Rice idli, masala rice idli and rava idli also taste finer with this chutney. It is a good side dish for rice roti or akki rotti and masala roti too. All these traits should increase your interest to know how to make onion chutney.

An ingredient in the onion chutney recipe for dosa, in addition to the onions, with much medicinal values is the curry leaves.

Curry leaves have vitamin A, which is necessary for eye health.

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Onion chutney will be good for about two days at room temperature. This chutney can be stored in the fridge for about a week.

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Quantity: About 1/2 cup


1. Onion, roughly chopped, 3/4 cup.

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2. Dried red chillies 2
3. Jeera 3/4 teaspoon
4. Tamarind small piece
5. Curry leaves 2 sprigs
6. Coriander leaves few sprigs
7. Jaggery 1 tablespoon or to taste

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8. Salt to taste
9. Water to grind

For Seasoning:

1. Oil 2-3 teaspoons
2. Mustard 1/4 teaspoon
3. Urad dal 1/2 teaspoon

How to make Onion Chutney?

how to make onion chutney video

1. Grind all the items, without water, for a few seconds.

Use chili powder, if you do not have red chilies.
2. Add about a tablespoon of water.

Grind to a fine paste.
3. Prepare the seasoning:

- Heat oil till it becomes hot.

- Add mustard and urad dal.

- Fry till the dal turns golden brown.
4. Add the ground mixture.

Fry till there is no raw onion smell, while mixing intermittently.

Switch-off the flame.
5. Onion chutney is ready.

how to make onion chutney final

TIPS How to make Onion chutney
1. Use green chilies as a substitute for red chilies.
2. Use sugar, if you do not have jaggery.
3. If you like the raw onion smell and taste, do not fry the onion chutney.