Green Chutney Recipe

green chutney recipe

Let's take a look at the brighter spots of the green chutney recipe landscape: It needs only a few, every-day ingredients and you can make this chutney in minutes. Coriander, pudina and green chilies are the main ingredients in the green chutney recipe.

Because of green leaves like coriander and pudina in this recipe, this chutney also has health benefits.

It helps to know how to make green chutney as it fits well as a side dish for more than one item.

For what cuisines this chutney is ideal?

Green chutney is great, and almost necessary, for samosas; chaats like masala puri, sev puri and bhel puri; bread sandwich. You can relish rava idli too with this side dish.

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Servings: 3-4


1. Fresh coriander leaves 1/2 bunch
2. Fresh pudina / mint leaves 1/2 bunch
3. Green chilies 4-5
4. Roasted gram dal 1 tablespoon
5. Lemon juice to taste
6. Sugar 1 pinch
7. Salt to taste

How to make Green Chutney?

1. Clean and wash the coriander and pudina / mint leaves.

Drain the water completely.

green chutney recipe s1
2. Add green leaves, chilies, roasted gram, lemon juice, sugar and salt to a mixer jar.

green chutney recipe s2
3. Boil water, the quantity of which depends on whether you want to make the green chutney thick or thin.

Use less water for thick chutney.

Use more water for thin chutney.

Let the boiled water to cool completely.

Grind all the ingredients, with the water, to a fine paste.

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4. Green chutney is ready.

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TIPS Green Chutney Recipe
1. The use of boiled-and-cooled water for grinding helps to preserve the green chutney for more time.
2. You can make this chutney with only coriander leaves also.