Coriander Chutney Recipe

coriander chutney recipe

With this coriander chutney recipe, make this chutney, which is also known as, among others, kothamalli chutney or dhaniya ki chutney, as a side dish. For items like chapati, jolada rotti, poori and dosa, this chutney has a good fit. A highlight of this coriander chutney recipe is it does not use water for grinding, so this dish can be stored for more time.

If you do not wish to make sambar for rice, coriander chutney can be a good alternative.

Green coriander, also known as cilantro, is said to be good for the health too. Cilantro is one of the green leaves with a large amount of potassium. Calcium is among the other minerals present in the coriander.

Did you know?
In every 100 grams of coriander, 92.21 grams is water.1

Because water is present in large quantities in coriander, no water is used for grinding this green leaves.

The coriander chutney recipe is simple, because you need only five, common ingredients. What's more, in just a few minutes you can make the coriander or kothamalli chutney because the steps are few.

Food Fact
Cilantro may work as an anti-anxiety medication.2

Before you grind the green coriander, wash it thoroughly, as given in Step 1 of the recipe that follows, to remove any pests, mud, chemicals and or other impurities that might be present.

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Ref: 1U.S. National Nutrient Database; 2Anti-anxiety activity of Coriandrum sativum assessed using different experimental anxiety models, Indian Journal of Pharmacology, accessed through the US National Library of Medicine,

Servings: About 1/4 cup


1. Green coriander leaves / cilantro / kothamalli / kothambari / hara dhaniya 1 bunch
2. Green chilies 4-5 or to taste
3. Dry coconut gratings 1/4 cup
4. Tamarind to taste
5. Salt to taste

How to make Coriander or Kothamalli Chutney?

1. Clean and soak the coriander leaves in salt water for about 30 minutes to remove any pests and or other impurities that might be present.

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Wash 2-3 times.
2. Spread on a dry cotton cloth or paper towels to remove the extra moisture.

coriander chutney recipe s2
3. Slit and fry green chilies till these get some brown spots.

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4. Break the tamarind into small pieces.
5. Chop coriander leaves roughly.

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Do not grind without chopping the coriander. This is because it may get stuck in the jar.
6. Add all the ingredients to a mixer jar.

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7. Grind to a paste.

Do not use water to grind, because the chutney will be spoilt quickly.

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8. Coriander chutney, kothamalli chutney or dhania ki chutney is ready.

coriander chutney recipe

TIPS Coriander Chutney Recipe
1. The coriander or kothamalli chutney may be slightly bitter because of the large quantity of coriander in it.

To reduce the bitterness, you may want to add more chilies, salt and tamarind.
2. You can store this chutney for 2-3 months.