Amla Chutney | Nellikai Chutney

amla chutney

Amla chutney is a storehouse of medicinal values. Thanks to amla or gooseberry. The Mother Earth has filled it with abundant health qualities. Without a doubt, amla chutney ranks among the first, in the chutney category, in health benefits.

Relish this chutney, also known as, among others, nellikai chutney or gooseberry chutney, with items like rice roti, chapati, ragi roti, moong dal dosa and idli.

If you want to prepare a quick snack, spread this chutney thinly on a bread toast and savor!

Food Fact
vitamin c in amla
Amla or Indian gooseberry has much vitamin C.

Vitamin C, among others, might purify the blood, promote hair growth and boost the immune system.1

Get to know how to make amla chutney and prepare it as a side dish in the amla or gooseberry season. It spans the months of November to January.

Buy amla or nellikai that is fresh. When you press it, it should be hard. The skin of this fruit should not also be wrinkled.

What about the items of the recipe of amla chutney? A few and common ingredients and simple steps enable you make this side dish in less than five minutes. These should be more reasons to know how to make amla chutney.

In addition to amla or nellikai, the other main items are coconut pieces, ginger and red chilies.

Food Fact
amla juice
Amla and pranayama may help in the better management of diabetes.2

What are the other items you can make with amla? Amla pickle, amla jam and amla juice are among the wide range of dishes you can prepare from this wonder fruit.

It is very common to make hair oil also from amla and other ingredients, as such oil is said to provide excellent nourishment for the hair.

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gooseberry jam
Gooseberry jam is a lip-smacking jam for dishes like chapati and bread.

Quantity: About one cup


1. Amla / nellikai / gooseberry / usirikaya / nellikani / amalika about 2-3
2. Fresh coconut pieces 1/4 cup
3. Red chillies 2-3
4. Roasted gram dal 1 tablespoon
5. Ginger piece 1/4 inch

ginger health benefits
Ginger, as another super food, adds to the nutritional value of amla chutney.

Read more about the Ginger Health Benefits in the blog.
6. Fresh coriander leaves, few sprigs
7. Curry leaves 1 sprig
8. Salt to taste

How to make Amla Chutney?

1. Wash amla.

amla chutney s1

Cut amla into pieces. Discard the seeds.

amla chutney s1b
2. Add all the ingredients to a mixer jar.

amla chutney s2
3. Dry grind the mixture.

amla chutney s3
4. Add water. Grind to a paste.

amla chutney s5
5. Amla chutney, nellikai chutney or gooseberry chutney is ready.

amla chutney final

TIPS Amla Chutney
1. You can store the chutney, for about three days, in a refrigerator. Because this food contains coconut, the dish will be spoilt at room temperature.
2. Green chilies can be used as a substitute for red chilies; dry copra can substitute for fresh coconut.
3. To give a sweet tinge to the amla chutney, add a small piece of jaggery in Step 2.