Aval Recipes

Thick aval
Thick aval, poha or avalakki
paper avalakki
Paper thin aval, poha, or avalakki

Aval, also known as, among others, avalakki, poha, flattened rice or beaten rice is a fine, raw food item rich in carbohydrates. This item can be used to prepare dishes like:

- Aval upma
- Avalakki bisi bele bath
- Poha chivda
- Gojju avalakki
- Burfi
- Aval payasam

Aval is also used as a main ingredient in some types of namkeen.

Did you know?
Thick aval is also used as an ingredient for making the idli batter. The purpose of using aval is to make soft idlis.

In addition to the thick aval, there are two other types: medium-thick aval and thin aval.

Paper avalakki is among the other names for thin aval. With this item too, you can make upma. It is more delicious than the one made from thick or medium-thick aval.

Where can you buy aval? It is generally sold in stores that sell grains, lentils and other cooking ingredients.

Such stores sell unpacked aval, which means you can buy in quantites you desire, and the price may also be relatively lower. Some of today's super stores also sell packed aval.