Red Chili Powder

red chilli powder

Red chili powder is used for preparing items like curries and sambar. For instance, the chilli powder is used in chana masala. Also, the powder is an ingredient of rice cuisines like vegetable rice bath. This powder is also used in instant mango pickle. It is easy to make this powder. Red chili powder needs only one ingredient, which is red chilli.

This recipe uses the Byadagi type chilli for the powder.

If you know how to make red chili powder, you can prepare it fresh at home and also save money. Further, such a powder can also enhance the taste of the food.

Another advantage of making chilli powder at home is you will have full control over the type of chillies to use and, therefore, on how much spicy this powder should be. Also, you can get the color you desire.

Like with dhania powder, prepare red chili powder in small quantities to retain its color and flavor.

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1. Red chilies, the quantity depends on the quantity of chili powder you wish to make.

How to make Red Chili Powder?

1. Dry the red chilies in the sun for a day, so these can be fried quickly.

If the sky is cloudy, go to the next step.

red chilli powder s1
2. Set the flame to low.

Fry the red chilies till these become hot.

Switch-off the stove.

Leave the chillies in the kadai till these cool.

The chillies will become crispy.

Do not over fry, because the powder made from such chillies will have a burnt smell.
3. Add to a mixer jar.

red chilli powder s4

Dry ground till these are coarsely powdered.

red chilli powder s4b

Do not open the lid of the jar immediately. Wait for about one minute. The reason you should not open the lid immediately is because the powder may spurt.
4. Mix thoroughly.

If the jar is hot, allow it to completely cool down.

Grind to a fine powder.

red chilli powder s5
5. Red chili powder is ready.

red chilli powder final

TIPS Red Chili Powder
1. If you want the chilli powder to be hot and also have color, add two or more varities of chilies.

Ensure that one chili gives the color and the other chilie(s) are hot / spicy.
2. Store the red chili powder in an air-tight container, only after the powder has cooled fully.
3. If you wish to make a large quantity, and to save time and effort, get the chilies ground in a flour mill.
4. To preserve the chilli powder for a longer period:

Add a handful of salt crystals to the chilies, before taking these to the flour miil.


Add a layer of salt crystals or a piece of hing / asafoetida on top of the chili powder in a container.
5. The chilli powder can be stored up to an year. However, the red chili powder may lose its color and may become less spicy.