Dhania Powder

dhania powder

Dhania powder, or coriander powder, is a spice made from coriander seeds. The ground coriander is used in the preparation of a variety of dishes. These include curries, pulaos and certain health drinks. Like most spices, dhania powder has excellent health values.

Food Fact
Coriander seeds are said to decrease the cholesterol levels.1

Why is dhania powder used in some food preparations? In addition to benefit from its medicinal properties, a reason to use ground coriander is to give flavor to the food.

Some of the rice cuisines for which ground coriander is used are curry leaves rice, tomato bath, and vegetable pulao. In the cooking of curries like peas masala, capsicum curry and vegetable sabzi also coriander powder is used.

If you wish to use pure and fresh ground coriander and want to save money, then you might want to prepare the dhania powder at home. In only a few, easy steps, you can prepare dhania powder right in your kitchen.

Food Fact
Coriander is said to have the properties to reduce the risk of diabetes or to control it.2

A key point about how to prepare coriander powder is prepare this powder in small quantities. Why should you do so? The reason is the dhania powder loses its flavor quickly.

Store the ground coriander in an air-tight container.

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You maywant to recharge yourself in the morning, everyday, by drinking a glass of gooseberry juice (amla juice), as it is said to be an outstanding health drink.

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1. Coriander seeds / dhaniya / dhaniyalu, the quantity depends on the quantity of dhania powder you wish to make.

How to make Coriander Powder?

1. Visually inspect the dhania and remove any unwanted materials that might be present in them.

dhania powder s1
2. Dry the dhaniya in the sun for a few hours to speed up frying.
3. Add to a thick bottomed kadai.

dhania powder s2
4. Set the flame to low or medium for small or large quantities of coriander seeds respectively.

Fry till the coriander seeds turn to light golden brown or till the seeds starts to splutter.

dhania powder s3

Switch-off the stove.

Keep aside till the seeds are cooled.
5. Add the dhania to a mixer jar.

dhania powder s4
6. Grind for a few minutes.

dhania powder s4b

Stop the mixer.

Mix the contents in the mixer jar.

dhania powder s5

Repeat the above three sub-steps in Step 6 till the coriander seeds are ground to a fine powder.
7. Dhania powder / ground coriander / coriander powder is ready.

dhania powder final

TIPS Dhania Powder
1. If you want the dhania powder to be finer, you should get the coriander seeds ground in a flour mill.
2. Store the powder, after it cools down, in an air-tight container.
3. The ground coriander can be stored up to a year. However, to retain the flavor of the powder you may want to make it in small quantities.