Bisi Bele Bath Powder

bisi bele bath powder

Bisi bele bath powder is the key element that decides the taste of the super-delicious south Indian vegetarian food, bisi bele bath. The bisi bele bath powder recipe has a number of items in its ingredients' list. Some of these are red chillies, channa dal, urad dal and cinnamon and coriander seeds. Bisi bele bath powder can be stored for up to three months.

ragi ambliRagi ambli is said to be nutritious
Drinking a glass of ragi ambli or porridge in the morning can be a great way to start a day.

Here is the ragi ambli recipe.


1. Dried red chili 10-12
2. Coriander seeds 1-and-1/2 tablespoon
3. Channa dal 1 tablespoon
4. Urad dal 1 tablespoon
5. Cinnamon sticks 2-3 (1-inch pieces)
6. Cloves 4-5
7. Mustard 1/4 teaspoon
8. Methi 1/16 teaspoon
9. Cardamom seeds 2-3
10. Dry coconut gratings 1-2 tablespoons

How to make Bisi Bele Bath Powder?

1. Dry fry, for two minutes, red chilies, channa dal, and methi in a pan over medium heat.

bisi bele bath powder s1
2. Add urad dal, coriander seeds, cinnamon sticks, and cloves.

Continue to fry till the dal turns golden brown.

bisi bele bath powder s2

Keep aside.
3. Dry fry mustard seeds until they spurt.

bisi bele bath powder s3
4. Warm the coconut gratings in a wok.

bisi bele bath powder s4
5. Mix all the ingredients and the cardamom seeds.

After the mixture cools, dry ground it to make the powder.

bisi bele bath powder s4b
6. Bisi Bele Bath powder is ready.

bisi bele bath powder final

Now, you are all set to make bisi bele bath.

TIPS Bisi Bele Bath Powder Recipe
1. Add a small piece of nutmeg, in Step 5, to prepare the bisi bele bath powder with a different flavor.