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South Indian vegetarian recipes cover a broad range of dishes, including the traditional idli, dosa, upma, puliyogare, rava idli and kesari bath to the not so common sabudana dosa, ottu shavige, and rice rava idli. aims to bring you both the popular and less common Indian vegetarian recipes, in general, and south Indian vegetarian recipes, in particular, with cooking instructions in steps and with photos or with a video.

One of the goals of this site is to emphasize steam-cooked dishes. Research studies indicate such food to be healthy. There is a separate section for steam-cooked food titled, Steam-Cooked in the main menu.

Is south Indian vegetarian food spicy? It can be. You, however, can reduce the items like chilies, green chilies in particular, pepper, garlic and chili powder, and tailor any of the south Indian vegetarian recipes to your taste needs.

Tips, ranging from saving the nutrients in the food to suggesting an alternative ingredient, are also a part of most of the recipes on this site.

The answers to some of the common questions can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

This site also aims to give snippets of interesting researching findings on vegetables, fruits, beverages, grains and food.

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